Personalized bottles

Magnums and other large formats

For all types of important events, Pilandro offers the possibility of reserving magnums and other large-format bottles. Pilandro’s most prestigious wines can be served up in 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12-liter bottles that ensure impeccable development of the wine’s structure to faithfully tell the tale of the area’s delights.


Personalized wine labels

Creating custom labels for wine bottles can be a fantastic way to celebrate an important event. For weddings, for example, personalized wine labels make a great party favor for your guests. Here at Pilandro, we can help you create the perfect label for any special occasion.


Reserving Barbera Centanni

Barbera Centanni, made from the grapes of old vines in the Lake Garda region, is Pilandro’s most desired red wine. Its 24 months of maturation in oak barrels and another six months in wood casks lend this wine its robust structure and make it a perfect pairing for all the best in Italian cuisine. Reservations are required to enjoy this exceptional wine.


Gift boxes and holiday wrapping

A bottle of Pilandro wine or liqueur is always an excellent way of sharing your love of fine wine and spirits or of surprising a special someone with a gift of great value and quality. At Pilandro, we can provide gift wrapping and packaging to give the gift of wine for the holidays or for any other special event.



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