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Eine Geschichte mit fernen Wurzeln

Pilandro wines are deeply linked to their territory and from it derive that fresh flavor that distinguishes them


Domus Pilandro was erected in San Martino della Battaglia around the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

In 1980, this historic dwelling in the heart of the Lugana region was acquired by the Lavelli family along with seventeen acres of vineyards, thereby continuing an age-old tradition of winemaking. Pilandro wines have deep roots in their terroir, and from it they receive their distinctly rich flavor. To keep this inviolable bond intact, the grapes are handled with the great respect they deserve and processed in a manner completely free of oxygen. Fermentation, then, is done under controlled temperature as must, thereby bringing out all of the most intense characteristics and well defined aromas of each wine.

Today, the name Pilandro serves to identify a business of international scope, one that is recognized throughout the world of wine for both excellence and a desire to dare and to innovate constantly.

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